Why Leave Salesforce.com Just To Mass Email?

Jan 22, 2016





I’ve been a salesforce consultant for a long time. Since the beginning. And I’ve done 100s of installs. The #1 thing that always bugged me about salesforce is the strict email limits. Salesforce customers had to purchase a 3rd party emailing system even though everything they ever needed in a mailing system was already in their org. As a consultant I always hated delivering that news.

After all, salesforce already came with a decent, albeit not super awesome, email template editor. It already had list views and filtering. What else do you really need?

And here was the real clincher – every email “list” that we ever wanted to email anything to was already being built, right inside the salesforce org. Operational reports already segmented the entire customer database. Loyalty apps already sliced and diced customers based on purchasing habits.

For our Marina management customers, we already segmented and built reports on who was “in the marina” and “scheduled to leave tomorrow”. In Salesforce. Check.

For healthcare, we knew the top performing providers for quality care. Check.

For customer service, we knew which accounts were the most likely to call in for issues that could be done via self help. Check.

So what does the people tasked with marketing communications have to do? REDO the entire lists. They have to use a third party system, and typically redo all the interesting segments in a different system. “Good luck with that.”

So that is how and why we built Drip This! – to avoid these problems. We love salesforce native and we don’t want to use something else as the front end for marketing execution.




A salesforce customer can now simply sign up for their own dirt cheap and highly reliable Amazon SMTP account and our Drip This! plug in can be used to send mass email right from inside salesforce without those pesky limits.

Moreover, any report or list view that contains an account, contact or lead can be used as the pre populated segment so you don’t have to recreate anything. Just use salesforce templates and send out. Amazon takes care of the rest, including updating email sent status.

Moreover, we have solved all the other little things that salesforce is missing that a marketing department needs for proper mass emailing: pre-planed drip sequences, scheduled email, email to accounts, embedding links so you can track who clicked on them, subscription options, automatic landing pages, to name a few. Plus a whole ad management module.

So if you are a salesforce fan, and just want to use it for mass mailing and marketing without leaving, but still need mass email capability, then Drip This! was probably built for you. Please check it out in a free trial and let me know if you have any feedback.

For further information about Drip This, please visit DripTHIS Details

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